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"What is handcrafted embedds the essence 

of each person involved in the creative process; 

from the designer to the master craftsman"


                                                  -Cristina Romo

ROMOHERRERA was founded by Cristina Romo and Eduardo Herrera to house their jewelry and home art creations. These are conceived, developed and produced through artisianal processes making each piece one of a kind.


Rather than following fashion or trends, they simply create and use what they love,  finding inspiration in their surroundings and particularly in nature. Constantly experimenting with materials and techniques, they work primarily with silver, copper, alloys, gold and ceramics.


CRISTINA is the third generation in a family of silversmiths. She grew up in her grandfather’s and mother’s workshops. Immersed in creative work environments, she began to design her own silver accessories at only four years old. Alongside her mother, Cristina began developing a passion for the work of the craftsman and inspiration from the natural surroundings of her childhood home in Taxco, Mexico. As her work matured and developed, she began experimenting with materials and techniques, bringing to life all of those designs that have been developing in her mind throughout the years. That is how her memories of trees, insects, rivers and flowers found their way into her metal and ceramic creations that evoke creative interpretations of nature.  

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Initially trained as an architect, EDUARDO found his passion in jewelry. As a young child, his parents introduced him to a world of art through their unique collection of XXI Latin American paintings and sculpture. Immersed in this environment, he developed a sensibility towards the artistic world. Captivated by the work of architect and muralist, Juan O’Gorman, he decided to follow a professional degree in architecture. During this time, he also worked with contemporary Mexican painters and artists. This led him to develop two parallel design drivers; that of the rational functionality of architecture and the formal aesthetic of art. As he concluded his architectural studies, he also began to create his own furniture line. Eventually, his personal life led him to Taxco, Mexico where he founded his workshop in 2011 and began working with jewelry. Both reinterpretations of natural elements and precise architectural detailing can be seen in each of Eduardo’s unique creations. 

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